Month: February 2011

The Policy of Give and Take

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 23 Feb 2011 The Chinese New Year of the Rabbit has just passed and Christmas is still another ten months away. However, with the Budget that the PAP government has just unveiled, the people of Singapore cannot be faulted for thinking that they are in the midst of celebrating these […]

Critiquing Budget 2011

Written by Ng E-Jay 21 Feb 2011 The central theme of Budget 2011 is the distribution of the fruits of economic growth to the population, especially the lower to middle income groups, and assisting households and businesses cope with inflation. However, Budget 2011 is inadequate because insufficient attention has been paid to the root causes […]

NSP Response to Budget Statement 2011

Source: NSP, 20 Feb 2011 The National Solidarity Party is very disappointed that the PAP government did not address the fundamental question on whether the current economic growth model of “Growth at all cost” based on indiscriminate importation of foreign workers at ALL LEVELS of employment in this budget. Instead, it tries to address the […]

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