The PAP’s flawed immigration, foreign talent and foreign worker policies

Written by Ng E-Jay 28 Feb 2011 The PAP Government has acknowledged that there is a need to slow down the rate of import of foreigners and concentrate on boosting productivity, but deep flaws remain in its labour and immigration policies. Budget 2011 does not address these deep flaws. It merely sugarcoats them by raising… Continue reading

Adding cabs and raising fares won’t solve erratic service

Source: ST Forum Page, 26 Feb 2011 MEETING the demand for taxis has nothing to do with how many there are or how many more are put on the road, but it has everything to do with the time of day, location, weather and, most importantly, surcharges (‘Harder to book a cab now’; Feb 19).… Continue reading

Opposition parties study electoral boundaries report and lay stakes

Written by Ng E-Jay 25 Feb 2011 Opposition parties are currently studying the electoral boundaries report which has just been released, and are already revealing to the media which constituencies they are keen on contesting in. Here is a summary compiled from Channel News Asia reports.

Reform Party aftermath: Opposition must stay united

Written by Ng E-Jay 24 Feb 2011 It is all over the news by now. The mainstream media reported on Wednesday that nine Reform Party (RP) members have resigned en masse, at a time when general elections are almost due. [1] The Online Citizen website also claims that according to their source in RP, as… Continue reading

Don’t stigmatize people who choose to be single

Written by Ng E-Jay 23 Feb 2011 I am appalled by the insensitivity displayed by Straits Times Forum contributor Kenny Liu who, in his letter “Single? Don’t blame Govt for fewer goodies” (22 Feb 2011), took fellow contributor Yvonne Lee to task for asking for more handouts from the Government. Ms Yvonne Lee had previously… Continue reading

Critiquing Budget 2011

Written by Ng E-Jay 21 Feb 2011 The central theme of Budget 2011 is the distribution of the fruits of economic growth to the population, especially the lower to middle income groups, and assisting households and businesses cope with inflation. However, Budget 2011 is inadequate because insufficient attention has been paid to the root causes… Continue reading