Month: January 2011

NSP Press Statement: We Are Singaporeans

We Are Singaporeans United As One Irrespective of Politics, Religion or Culture 30 Jan 2011 The party is disappointed to read recent news report on what Minister of Home Affairs Shanmugam’s comments on Thaipusam as well as Minister Mentor Lee’s recent comment on Malay community as the main hindrance to social integration in Singapore. The […]

How PAP Govt screws up Singapore & Singaporeans

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the webmaster. by See Leong Kit (The writer is a 62-year old S’porean who had completed full-time National Service) (1)  Debunking the PAP Election Promises of  “More Good Years” 1.1  News Headlines that have hardly changed during the past 20 years!!!: 2010 “1 in 10 children aged […]

ELECTION ISSUE: Million-dollar Pay but Never-ending Fiascos

by See Leong Kit (The writer is a 62-year old S’porean who had completed full-time National Service) (1)  World-Infamous  Million-Dollar PUBLIC SECTOR Salaries 1.1  Quotable Quote from US President Barack Obama  (BBC 11 Jul 09): “…No country is going to create wealth if its leaders exploit the economy to enrich themselves…” 1.2   A  MOST PATHETIC  PAP […]

TOC strengthens its resolve in the face of gazetting

Written by Ng E-Jay 14 Jan 2011 The Online Citizen website has affirmed that it would not be intimidated by the recent action of the authorities in gazetting them as a political association or being required to register with the Media Development Authority (MDA). In a statement entitled “Keep Calm and Carry On” released today […]

The essence of a democratic society

By Dr Patrick Kee 13 Jan 2011 With the General Elections looming near, it is important to understand what true democracy is all about. The most important ingredient of a democratic society is a co-operative society. It is a society in which everyone pools their resources for the common good. On the other hand, capitalism […]

Idealism of Youths Needs to be Encouraged

EDITOR’S NOTE: Permission must be sought for reproduction of any article from this website. By Dr Wong Wee Nam 12 Jan 2011 “良药苦口利于病,忠言逆耳利于行“ “Good medicine is bitter to the mouth but cures the illness; honest words grate the ears but right the act.” Who is Kenneth Lin? Well, he is a boy who has just […]

PM wants TOC labelled as political association

Posted by The Online Citizen Original link here. The Prime Minister of Singapore has revealed his intentions to declare The Online Citizen as a political association. According to an email sent to TOC at 5pm yesterday evening by the Prime Minister’s office, the Prime Minister  ”intends to declare the owners, editorial team, and administrators of The […]

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