The New Year that I would like to see

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 31 December 2010 It is no good for democracy if a country is run by a monolithic political party. Neither is it good to have a ragtag army of small political parties running around unable to provide a coherent alternative, let alone being able to form an alternative government. It… Continue reading

Goh Meng Seng declares war on HDB and housing issues (part two)

By Goh Meng Seng 20 December 2010 The War on Housing (Part Two) The mismatch of Demand and Supply in the New HDB flat market due to MBT’s “caught off guard” has been transferred to Resale Market via this increase in grants for “lower income” couples. One must not look at the difference in prices… Continue reading

Goh Meng Seng declares war on HDB & housing issues (part 1)

By Goh Meng Seng 18 December 2010 Elaboration on answers to Housing Issues @ TOC Forum I was invited to be one of the panelists at TOC end of year event, Face-to-Face Forum on 16 Dec 2010. Housing issues became one of the hottest again. Due to time constrains, I have given key points and… Continue reading

TOC face to face forum: Meeting of Bodies but not of Minds

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 20 Dec 2010 I went to the TOC Face to Face Forum as a guest of The Online Citizen and came away pleased and puzzled. I was pleased to see the various political parties coming to share their views on the same stage. This is the first time that all… Continue reading

Democrats propose a fairer COE system

Singapore Democrats, 14 Dec 2010 The recent announcement that the Government intends to slow the growth of the car population in Singapore has resulted in a hefty jump in COE prices. The latest bid for cars in Category A (1600 cc and below) is $47,604 in December compared to $39,000 in November – a jump… Continue reading

Stage protests in ballrooms? Really?

Singapore Democrats, 06 Dec 2010 During the appeal in the High Court last Friday, Dr Chee Soon Juan pointed out that it was ultra vires (beyond the power) of the Constitution for the PAP to ban all demonstrations and protests as Article 14 clearly guarantees citizens the right to freedom of speech and assembly. Not… Continue reading