Month: November 2010

Dr Wong Wee Nam’s rally speech at SDP’s “It’s About You” rally

各位亲爱的国民, 各位亲爱的朋有, 你们好! 小弟今晚能在这大会跟大家见面,真的感觉到很荣幸. 首先小弟要向大家声明我诚挚的感谢 Thank you everyone for spending your precious Saturday evening here. I am very honoured. Also, thank you SDP for inviting me here to speak. 今天能有怎么多的人到此,这显示出,我们的国民,对国事不会是莫不关心的. 你们都有一颗忧国忧民的爱心。 小弟相信大家不只担忧我们现在的处境 , 你们也同时关心子孙的未来 I know deep down in your hearts, you feel that something is not going right in our country.

ST forum letter by Gandhi Ambalam: Chee far from politically bankrupt

Source: ST Forum Page, 22 Nov 2010. MR LIANG Tung-ping has written an egregiously uninformed piece about the political situation in Singapore (‘An opposition that does itself no favours’; Nov 10). He has made specific references to the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), all of which are unsubstantiated. The writer accuses SDP secretary-general Chee Soon Juan […]

Parties discuss election issues at political dialogue

Singapore Democrats, 21 Nov 2010 The Singapore Democrats spent an engaging Friday evening at a Political Dialogue organised by the National University of Singapore Society (NUSS), the alumni association of the NUS. The event brought together the various political parties to discuss the topic “Fresh Challenges & The New Political Playing Field”. The speakers included […]

SDP: Sound policies, impressive candidates for GE

Singapore Democrats, 14 Nov 2010 It’s official. The Singapore Democrats now have a viable and realistic economic programme on which to campaign in the coming general elections. Entitled It’s About You, the programme contrasts starkly between the SDP’s and PAP’s economic policies. The former emphasizes building up a more equal society where everyone, not just […]

SDP: Because we stand for something

Singapore Democrats Exactly who is the opposition in Singapore? What does it stand for and where does it want to take the country? There has been much criticism about Singapore’s opposition not standing for anything except that we are not the PAP. Being opposed to the ruling party itself signals something; the fact that the […]

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