ELECTION ISSUES: Open-Door Immigration & High Cost of Homes

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by See Leong Kit

[ Letter was rejected/censored for publication by our pro-PAP (instead of pro-Singapore) Mainstream Media ]

I refer to your report “Cut ties to Singapore and lose your right to own land” (TODAY Oct 20).

As a 60-something educated Singaporean, I empathise with the rightful concerns of younger Singaporeans over the two related issues of immigration and non-citizens (foreigners, permanent residents) being allowed to purchase property here.

If cars here get too ridiculously costly, Singaporeans can at least fall back on public transport. However, home ownership (roof over one’s head) is central to The Singapore Dream.

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Nourishing the People

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By Dr Wong Wee Nam
26 October 2010

“Virtue is seen in the goodness of the government, and the government is tested by its nourishing of the people.” Yu the Great


Mr. Lim Swee Say, Minister without Portfolio and chief of the National Trade Union Congress, once said publicly that when he looked at his Central Provident Statement, he felt rich.

He was adorably frank. Any other person with the kind of humongous pay that he is getting would have felt the same way.

Moreover he was grateful and satisfied with what he is paid. Any other arrogant person would have said, “When I see my CPF statement, I felt poor. You know, I could get so much more in the private sector.”

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ELECTION ISSUE: Sky-high HDB Flat Prices

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by See Leong Kit
22 Oct 2010

[ Letter was rejected for publication by our PAP-manipulated Mainstream Media to hide the truth from Singapore Voters before the General Elections.]

I refer to the commentary  “Buying a flat? Choose wisely” (TODAY Oct 15) by National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan.

The following two fundamental issues have not been addressed by the various market cooling measures introduced so far.

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Football legend Dollah Kassim passes away

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Football legend Dollah Kassim has passed away at the age of 61.

He had been in a coma since last October when he sustained an injury due to a lack of oxygen to his brain after a heart attack.

Nicknamed the ‘Gelek King’ for his extraordinary dribbling skills, one of Dollah Kassim’s glorious moments included helping Singapore to a 6-0 thumping against Pahang during the 1975 Malaysia Cup.

During the 1970s, he teamed up first with Quah Kim Lye, then with his younger brother, Quah Kim Song, to dazzle the local football scene.

This is a recent birthday tribute on Youtube done by his son a few months ago:

Desmond Lim responds to ST’s and Zaobao’s reports

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Response to Straits Times article “Chiam wants to oust ex-protege from top post”, (by Kor Kian Beng & Tessa Wong) 12 October 2010

I wish to respond to the article in The Straits Times, as mentioned above. This is to clarify several omissions and even mis-representations in this report, which may have inadvertently come from mis-informed, and thus unreliable, sources.

The article leads with and frames the issue as one of removing “a key obstacle” to the Reform Party (RP) in its intention to join the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA). This so-called obstacle is supposedly myself, Desmond Lim.

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Chiam seeks to remove Desmond Lim to pave way for RP’s entry into SDA

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(Summarized from New Asia Republic)

In order to facilitate the entry of the Reform Party (RP) into the Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDA), Mr Chiam See Tong, Secretary-General of the Singapore People’s Party (SPP), decided recently that Mr Desmond Lim should be replaced as the Secretary-General of the SDA.

However, this decision is subjected to approval by the Supreme Executive Council of the SDA.

According to a Zaobao news report, during a Central Executive Committee (CEC) meeting held last Sunday (3 Oct 2010), Mr Chiam motioned for the removal of Desmond Lim as the Secretary General of SDA on grounds that Mr Lim objected the Reform Party’s (RP) entry into the SDA, and that Mr Chiam could no longer get along with Mr Lim.

Madam Luo Wenli (Mrs Chiam) then proposed that Mr Mohammad Hamim Aliyas succeed Mr Lim as the Secretary-General of the SDA. Both proposals were subsequently approved by the CEC.

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Eulogies in celebration of Mdm Kwa Geok Choo’s life

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Eulogies in celebration of Madam Kwa Geok Choo’s life were delivered at a private funeral service at Mandai Crematorium on Wednesday evening.

Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew delivered the first eulogy.

He said: “My grief at her passing cannot be expressed in words. But today, when recounting our lives together, I would like to celebrate her life.”

Mr Lee also recounted that once, when she had been given some peaches in hospital, she asked the maid to take one home for his lunch. “I was at the centre of her life,” he said.

MM Lee placed the final red rose on Madam Kwa’s body before parting with his lifelong companion of 63 years with two kisses from his lips and placing them on Madam Kwa’s lips with his palms.

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Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim pay respects to Kwa Geok Choo

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On Tuesday, Mr Low Thia Khiang, MP for Hougang, and Ms Sylvia Lim, NCMP, also paid their last respects to Mdm Kwa Geok Choo.

On Wednesday, a private funeral will take place at Mandai Crematorium. The cortege of Mdm Kwa will leave Sri Temasek, at the Istana, at about 4pm, and her casket will be borne on a ceremonial gun carriage.

The Government announced on Tuesday night that it had decided to accord Madam Kwa, who died last Saturday at age 89, the gun carriage honour “in recognition of her exceptional and unique contributions to Singapore for more than five decades, beginning before Singapore became independent”.

Over the last two days, over 14,000 Singaporeans paid tribute to the wife of Lee Kuan Yew.

NSP members pay respects to Kwa Geok Choo

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Personal statement from NSP Secretary-General Mr Goh Meng Seng dated 04 October 2010:

I visited the Wake of Mrs. Lee Kuan Yew today to offer my deepest condolences and sympathy to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and the Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Given a short statement to Radio 95.8 on the importance of the support of a capable spouse, a soul mate for people who are involved in politics and public service. The lonely road on pursuing our political dreams will be much bearable with the support of our soul mates in our lives… I am fortunate to have my soul mate who have provided strong moral support all these years and I empathize the great grief of MM Lee losing his soul mate. My sympathy and condolences to him and wishing him speedy recovery.