Month: September 2010

Meet the NSP Malay Bureau

Originally Posted at: The Online Citizen (thanks Zheng Xi and Kirsten for the edits) Written by Ng E-Jay 22 Sept 2010 The recent announcement by the National Solidarity Party (NSP) to establish a Malay Bureau has been greeted with much interest from both the grassroots as well as the online community. Last week, I took […]

Who Owns Singapore?

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 13 September 2010 “It is important to guarantee the people’s democratic rights and legitimate rights and interests. We must resolve the problem of excessive concentration of power, create conditions that allow people to criticise and supervise the government….” — Wen Jiabao Prime Minister of China in 2010 Singapore’s Builders In […]

6.5 million (part two)

By the Singapore Democrats 08 September 2010 In Part 1, we talked about the dangers of the PAP’s reckless plan to jack up our population to 6.5 million. This is, as National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan puts it, because the PAP is “concerned about the future of Singapore”. Yes, and George Bush and Saddam […]

Floods at Shenton Way today

08 September 2010 There have been floods at Shenton Way this morning. This is the umpteenth time this year flooding has happened in the city area and the outskirts as a result of heavy rain. Clearly the Marina Barrage has not been effective at all in preventing flooding. If anything, flooding has actually increased dramatically […]

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