Month: August 2010

Take care of Singaporeans too

By the Singapore Democrats 19 August 2010 In his zeal to impress foreigners on how efficiently and smoothly he can run the Youth Olympic Games (YOG), Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Dr Vivian Balakrishnan has been quite happy to sacrifice the daily necessities of Singaporeans. Take, for example, the temporary closure of bus-stops. […]

When Should One Retire?

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 08 August 2010 “If I’d known that retirement was going to be this good I’d have done it the day after I left school!!!” — Mickey White Flowers know when to shrivel and die. Trees know when to shed their leaves. Animals know when they can no longer hunt. Even […]

Chiam’s wife to contest Potong Pasir

Source: ST, 05 Aug 2010 POTONG Pasir MP Chiam See Tong has named his wife Lina as his political successor. It means that at the next general election, Mrs Chiam, 61, will contest the single-seat constituency her husband has held since 1984. And Mr Chiam, 75, intends to lead an opposition team to stand in […]

The Taming of the Floods

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 02 August 2010 The Contrast Floods have been China’s sorrow for thousands of years. They have also been Singapore’s talking point for the past few months. In China, people wailed and cried as they lost their loved ones, their properties and the crops to the calamity. Luckily for Singapore, except […]