Shooting the messenger – PAP’s growing desperation

By Alex Au, for the Asia Times Online 27 July 2010 (This is an abbreviated version of the article. The full article can be accessed here.) Three recent incidents have brought renewed attention to the repressive nature of Singapore’s People’s Action Party (PAP)-led government at a time when the island state is bidding to attract… Continue reading

Problem: Overpopulation. Solution? Bring in more people

By the Singapore Democrats 22 July 2010 Rarely do stories dovetail so perfectly to make nonsense of what officialdom spews out, but these two did: What Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said yesterday about the floods in Singapore and what Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong told Singaporeans about foreign workers. Lee Sr told his listeners:… Continue reading

Our police state is fraying at the edges

Written by Ng E-Jay 20 July 2010 Recent events have shown unequivocally that not only has the PAP Government run the country as a police state, but also that the authorities are now getting panicky and desperate to the point that they are fumbling and making glaring mistakes. Barely two weeks ago, a member of… Continue reading

Every flood is a slap in the face for PAP

Saturday’s flooding embarrasses PAP yet again. Source: ST Online, 17 July 2010 HEAVY rains lashed Singapore early on Saturday morning, uprooting trees and causing flash floods in many area. The affected areas included Braddell Road, Changi Road and Bukit Timah, where rising floodwaters stranded several drivers in their vehicles. At the Tessarina Condo in Bukit… Continue reading

Hong Kong to introduce minimum wage. Singapore?

By the Singapore Democrats 15 July 2010 Hong Kong, one of the last few moderm economies holding out on minimum wage, will likely pass a bill next week that will legislative minimum wage in the territory. According to legislators, the law is meant to protect workers from being exploited. The Singapore Democrats have been calling… Continue reading

A lesson for the opposition

By the Singapore Democrats 13 July 2010 The oft-quoted poem by Pastor Martin Niemoller “They came first…” (see below) has much to teach the opposition in Singapore. A variation of this truism is the adage: United we stand, divided we fall. We are, of course, referring to the victimisation of the members of the opposition… Continue reading

Future generations will pay for the sins of PAP

Written by Ng E-Jay 06 July 2010 I wish I could come up with a more optimistic pronouncement. But this is the most honest assessment I can make: Future generations of Singaporeans will have to pay for the sins of the PAP if something is not done about the present situation. Let me state quite… Continue reading

Chee: Have clear guidelines of what constitutes speech

By the Singapore Democrats 06 July 2010 Dr Chee Soon Juan asked for clear guidelines from the courts as to what constitutes a speech. The SDP leader made this call in his closing submissions today to District Judge Jill Tan. Dr Chee was convicted of giving an address in April 2006 without a permit. He… Continue reading