Million-dollar Salaries but Monumental Screw-ups

By See Leong Kit (29 June 2010) [ Letter was rejected for publication by TODAY Voices Editor Agatha Koh Brazil ] TODAY (Jun 21) really sets me thinking. I refer to P N Balji’s commentary “New mood, a reality check for bosses” and Second Minister for Home Affairs K Shanmugam’s split-hairs semantics in “SMRT is… Continue reading

NEA under Yaacob disturbing Opposition Parties instead

Source: Singapore Alternatives (Goh Meng Seng), 27 June 2010 We were at Bendemeer market selling our North Star this morning. Someone called up the NEA to come down and check on us. While I keep asking the two nice officers to carry out their duties to summon us and I would admit to selling our… Continue reading

Flood: NSP calls for committee of inquiry

Press release by the National Solidarity Party. Dear Sir/Madam, Setup A Committee of Inquiry to look into improving drainage & weather warning system NSP shares the frustration and disappointment of many Singaporeans whose lives have been severely disrupted by the reoccurring floods in recent days. The Ministry of Environment and Water Resources under Minister Dr… Continue reading

Clogged culvert explanation holds no water

Source: ST Forum, 26 June 2010 YESTERDAY’S flash floods, the second in just over a week, clearly suggest that the PUB’s ‘clogged culvert’ explanation (‘Blocked drain blamed for Orchard Road flood’; June 18), does not, pardon the pun, wash. Even if the Orchard Road deluge worsened because of a clogged culvert, how does one explain… Continue reading

Floods again today! What excuse will PAP give now?

By the Singapore Democrats 25 June 2010 When Bukit Timah Road flooded in 2009, Environment Minister Yaacob Ibrahim told us it was a once-in-50-years freak incident. When Orchard Road was flooded, the problem was debris in a culvert blocking the water flow. Always an excuse, never acknowledgement of failure of planning. This morning’s floods —… Continue reading

Straits Times finally admits: New Citizens overwhelmingly support PAP

Written by Ng E-Jay 24 June 2010 You would have thought the mainstream media would have been coy about this issue. But today, Straits Times columnist Rachel Chang finally admitted in her article “New citizens and the next GE (24 June 2010)” that new citizens regularly express overwhelming support for the ruling People’s Action Party… Continue reading

World Cup Fever Starts To Cool

Source: Socialist Appeal, 15 June 2010 By Steve Jones After months of build up, the World Cup is finally underway. As it approaches the end of the first week, in what is a month-long bloated competition, something has become rather clear. Hype is everything. The build up itself seemed to involve endless adverts on television… Continue reading