Month: April 2010

SDP’s May Day message 2010

By the Singapore Democrats 30 April 2010 Yet again May Day, dedicated to workers throughout the world, is knocking on our doors but without any ray of hope for our hapless workers – exploited and oppressed by the PAP Government. After more than 50 years of rule by the PAP that came to power in […]

MOE apologises over invite mix-up

Source: Straits Times, 24 April 2010 IN A mix-up by the Ministry of Education (MOE), a top American teacher was first invited to speak at a teachers’ conference here in September, then had the invitation withdrawn within a week amid concerns about her disability. MOE has since apologised for revoking the invitation it had extended […]

Singapore’s city upon a hill

Anthony Mullen, Teacher Magazine 16 April 2010 Teacher of the Year Susan Elliot was excited about traveling to Singapore … Once the Singapore education officials discovered that Susan was hearing-impaired, they retracted her invitation. Quite a few critics of the American system of education are kept busy seeking “A City Upon a Hill” on foreign […]

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