Month: March 2010

Killing the Dying

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 23rd March 2010 “You will not mistake my meaning or suppose that I depreciate one of the great humane studies if I say that we cannot learn law by learning law. If it is to be anything more than just a technique it is to be so much more than […]

Has Singapore a Future?

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 18th March 2010 As the present now Will later be past The order is Rapidly fadin’. And the first one now Will later be last For the times they are a-changin’. — Bob Dylan The young are the builders of tomorrow. There was a time not very long ago when […]

Cooling-off day may lead to heated confusion

(This article was originally written for The Online Citizen.) Written by Ng E-Jay 16 March 2010 Three bills were tabled in Parliament last week to amend the Constitution as well as the Presidential and Parliamentary Elections Acts. The proposed changes include raising the maximum number of Non-Constituency MPs from six to nine, making the Nominated MP […]

Should treatment of chronic and terminal illnesses in Singapore enjoy better subsidies?

(This article was originally written for The Online Citizen.) Written by Ng E-Jay 09 March 2010 French virologist Professor Francoise Barre-Sinoussi was one of the co-discoverers of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) some 27 years ago. Today, she has taken Singapore to task for failing to provide free treatment for HIV sufferers, who form one of […]

Law enforcement nightmare at Geylang

Written by Ng E-Jay 08 March 2010 Is Singapore’s red-light district turning into a law enforcement nightmare for the authorities? It was reported in one of the Chinese papers that in June 2007, a group of 200 gangsters harassed and assaulted four policemen during a late night raid on an illegal gambling den near Geylang […]

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