What is missing in the productivity debate

Written by Ng E-Jay 26 Feb 2010 Budget 2010 which was unveiled in Parliament by Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam on Monday went to great lengths to emphasize the need to raise productivity in Singapore. It was proposed that the government spend $5.5 billion over the next 5 years at measures to retrain workers and help… Continue reading

Opposition parties and alternative media respond to Budget 2010

Written by Ng E-Jay 24 Feb 2010 Singapore’s opposition parties and alternative media have responded to Budget 2010, pointing out its deficiencies despite it being touted as generous and progressive by the mainstream media. In its article “Budget 2010 exposed” published on its website on Tuesday, the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) said that throwing money… Continue reading

Just how progressive is Budget 2010?

Written by Ng E-Jay 24 Feb 2010 We hear the word “progressive” being flaunted when used to describe Budget 2010, especially with regards to the new property tax system. But really, just how progressive is Budget 2010 and the new property tax system in particular? The PAP government is not renowned for being a progressive… Continue reading

Dissecting Budget 2010

This article was originally written for The Online Citizen Written by Ng E-Jay 23 Feb 2010 Finance Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam delivered the Budget Statement in Parliament on Monday 22 Feb. In the opening paragraphs of his budget speech, the Finance Minister acknowledged the vulnerability of Singapore’s export-oriented economy which caused it to suffer a 10%… Continue reading

So much for respecting individual opinion, Singazine

Written by Ng E-Jay 19 Feb 2010 Former blog aggregator Singazine.com has twisted and misinterpreted my words out of context. In their latest “Statement of Intent” published on their website, Singazine.com alleged that I favoured censoring opposing views in order to maintain opposition unity, and worse, that I am somehow against constructive criticism if it… Continue reading

When one blog aggregator makes an unfair jibe at another …

Written by Ng E-Jay 17 Feb 2010 I find it quite amazing that the editors of Singazine.com would find it fit to accuse another blog aggregator, SG Daily, of being guilty of censorship (see attachment below at the end of this post). SG Daily, in case readers are unaware, is one of the longest standing… Continue reading

Economic Strategies Committee: Real Change or Just Words?

After many months of deliberation on how to improve the economy of Singapore, it was a disappointment that the high-powered committee made up of ministers, business leaders, corporate leaders, union leaders and top civil servants could only come out with a report that said nothing really new.

What the Religious Harmony Debate has missed out thus far

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sgpolitics.net wishes all readers HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Written by Ng E-Jay 13 Feb 2010 As a week of heated discussion over religious harmony in Singapore draws to a close, with an avalanche of attention focused on the pastor who denigrated another religion and the three teenage boys who were arrested for racist slurs, I… Continue reading