Affordable flats still available? Are you sure?

Written by Ng E-Jay 31 January 2010 A Sunday Times article “Affordable flats still available” (31 Jan 2010) stated that there are still “gems” to be discovered in some housing estates, with 4-roomers in the suburbs like Jurong or Woodlands going as low as $300,000. $300,000? Is that considered affordable? According to the latest Monthly… Continue reading

Minister Mentor calls Singaporeans DAFT for faulting Government’s housing policies

Written by Ng E-Jay 28 January 2010 I have never in my life seen a politician call voters STUPID for not accepting his party’s policies, and then ask them not to cast protest votes against his party, all in the same breath. Yet this was precisely what Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew did at a… Continue reading

A U-turn in PAP’s economic and population policies? We shall see.

Written by Ng E-Jay 26 January 2010 Has there been a dramatic U-turn in the PAP’s economic and population policies? Despite recent statements by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on the need to raise productivity and temper the rate of import of foreigners, I remain unconvinced till I see actual results. On Monday, Mr Lee… Continue reading

PM Lee: Complete loss of perspective at Singapore Perspectives Forum

Written by Ng E-Jay 26 January 2010 Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong spoke at length at the Singapore Perspectives Forum on Monday from issues ranging from the elections to immigration, but if media reports are anything to go by, he and the PAP have completely lost their perspective on national issues. Referring to recent mainstream… Continue reading

Human rights are universal, say Ambalam and Chee

By the Singapore Democrats 25 Jan 2010 Mr Gandhi Ambalam and Dr Chee Soon Juan walked out of prison on Saturday after serving a one-week jail term for distributing flyers that were critical of the PAP Government. They were greeted by friends and supporters outside Changi Prison. Undaunted, the two said that they would continue… Continue reading

Discriminatory job ads on the decline? That is but the tip of our problems.

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 January 2010 According to a report recently released by the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (Tafep), discriminatory job advertisements such as those unfairly specifying the preferred race or gender of the job applicant without explaining why those characteristics are necessary for the job, are on the decline. The Straits… Continue reading

AlJazeera’s video report on Singapore’s liberal immigration policy

AlJazeera interviews former NMP Siew Kum Hong, Jolovan Wham from Humanitarian Organization for Migrant Economics (H.O.M.E.), and Dr Dawn Dekle from the Singapore Institute for International Affairs on Singapore’s liberal immigration policy. Notable views: The Government (has) put in place a set of very liberal policies, and did not anticipate the predictable outcome of private… Continue reading

Electoral Fairness, Not Patronage!

Written by Ng E-Jay 14 January 2010 (I originally wrote this article for The Online Citizen.) In his article entitled “A masterstroke?” (Jan 9), TODAY correspondent Loh Chee Kong argued that the recent proposal of allowing more NCMP seats might fragment the opposition and diminish the lure of trying to capture a GRC. Loh argued… Continue reading