Reaffirmation of bilingual policy must include all languages, not just Chinese wishes all readers a happy New Year! Written by Ng E-Jay 30 December 2009 Education Minister Ng Eng Hen has spent considerable effort reaffirming Singapore’s bilingual policy, especially the teaching of the Chinese language, but he neglected to pay due consideration to Malay and Tamil, which have been neglected by the mainstream media and… Continue reading

Why the late J.B. Jeyaretnam is revered by opposition supporters

The late J.B. Jeyaretnam scored electoral victories not by pandering to the establishment or molly-coddling the masses, but by exciting and inspiring the masses, and challenging the establishment with credibility and force of character. Short Notes from the Editor 28 December 2009 In his no-holes-barred masterpiece Requiem for an unbending Singaporean, former President C.V. Devan… Continue reading

Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s response to TOC lacked composure and calm befitting a prominent politician wishes all readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR. Written by Ng E-Jay 24 December 2009 A heated debate has broken out between The Online Citizen and its critics, with none other than Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party, joining the fray in an attempt, in his own… Continue reading

Ministry of Law contradicts District Judge over whether political criticism in Singapore is a crime

The Ministry of Law has issued a statement which contradicts a recent judgment made by District Judge Ch’ng Lye Beng who presided over the case of 3 SDP CEC members charged with illegally distributing pamphlets at Raffles City Shopping Centre on 10 Sep 2006. The flyers questioned ministerial salaries and highlighted the denial of political rights to Singaporeans. They also announced the Empower Singaporeans March and Rally that was to be held the following week on 16 Sep 06 during the WB-IMF meeting.

There is a productivity revolution sweeping the world and Singapore is not part of it: WHY?

There is a productivity revolution sweeping the world, but Singapore apparently is not part of it. Since the bust of the dot-com bubble in the early part of this decade, labour productivity in Singapore has been on the decline, in contrast with other developed economies around the world.