Month: October 2009

Bad science rears its ugly head in Singapore — how annoying!

The real culprit for all the environmental destruction taking place in the world today is not people taking warm showers instead of cold showers, or taking the bus to work when they can jolly well walk an hour in the blistering sun and show up at the office dehydrated (and end up having to quench their thirst with coke or pepsi instead of mineral water because Professor Tommy Koh has succeeded in banning the latter).

PRESS CENSORSHIP on important HDB Issues

by See Leong Kit (61-year old Singaporean) [ Mr See’s Note for Readers: My earlier letter was published, but this follow-up “right of reply” was rejected (censored) for publication by our shamelessly pro-PAP (instead of pro-Singapore) Mainstream Media. Read on and judge for yourself why. Proof that PM Lee Hsien Loong’s much-touted promise of “an […]