Month: August 2009

Another PAP MP echoes SDP’s policies

By the Singapore Democrats 30 Aug 2009 Original link PAP MP Josephine Teo recently called on the Government to “re-tune” the Foreign Talent Policy (see report below). She says that this is to reduce our “over reliance” on foreign workers. If that sounds a wee bit familiar, that’s because the Singapore Democrats have been saying […]

We need a minimum wage in Singapore

Arguments against a minimum wage in Singapore fail to take into account the responsibility of a Government to provide for its citizens by making sure there is always a level playing field for all, including working class Singaporeans. Such arguments also fail to consider the unique socio-economic circumstances Singapore is in.

NMP Viswa Sadasivan: Did he just shake the foundations of the PAP facade to the very core? (Part One)

Did new Nominated Member of Parliament Viswa Sadasivan shake the foundations of the PAP facade to the very core in his maiden Parliamentary speech on Tuesday, and in so doing, attracted an avalanche of criticism from PAP MPs who sensed that very essence of their self-serving political philosophy had been given a thunderous jolt?

ND message critique — the SDP’s response

EDITOR’s NOTE: The Singapore Democrats have re-iterated that the party leadership is one with the video presentation, in both form and substance. They also thank Mr Andrew Loh and Ms Tng Ying Hui for their effort in providing their valuable critique, and welcome it graciously. By the Singapore Democrats 19 Aug 2009 Original link We […]

Social cohesion and religious harmony: Look who’s the complacent one

I wonder how sincere PM Lee was when he said promoted the idea of discussing race and religion in an open but considered manner in order to clear the air surrounding various issues. Many a time, it is the mainstream media and the Government that tells Singaporeans what can and cannot be said, and then organizes dialogues in which they make sure dissent is expressed in a highly controlled fashion, and only on terms which they approve.

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