Month: July 2009

Grossly inadequate protection for credit card users

If consumers have their credit cards stolen or used fraudulently, they may be liable for all transactions made even though they may have done nothing wrong. This is yet another sorry example of how the Government proudly sells the image of Singapore as a world-class financial hub, yet fails to offer consumers even the most basic protection against theft and fraud.

Is Singapore really in a better position to survive economically?

The Government has not pursued enlightened policies that seek to distribute the spoils of capitalism more evenly. Instead, it has pursued policies that have allowed Big Business to become dependent on an abundant supply of cheap foreign labour, and it has allowed monopolies in the form of Government-linked Corporations (GLCs) to flourish. Many working class citizens have fallen through the cracks due to the lack of a comprehensive social safety net and the Government’s overly liberal pro-foreigner policies.

Ssshhh! Don’t say “SDP”

By the Singapore Democrats 26 July 2009 Original link The title to this report “Political parties go online to extend their reach” by Valarie Tan of Channel News Asia seems straightforward enough — Singapore’s political parties, both ruling and opposition, are fully utilising the Internet to achieve their ends. But wait, there’s no mention of […]

STOP THE WAYANG, just return us our CPF!

On Monday in Parliament, Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong found himself clumsily trying to reassure Singaporeans that monthly payouts from the CPF Life scheme will continue as long as the CPF member is alive, despite a provision allowing the CPF Board to stop payments in the event that the Lifelong Income Fund becomes insolvent.

Take proactive steps, CASE!

ST Letter by Ms Tan Mei Ling, 20 July 2009 I REFER to the report, ‘School peddles fake RMIT degree’ (June17). This happened even though it was registered with the Ministry of Education (MOE) and had CaseTrust accreditation from the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case). According to both MOE and Case’s website, the registration and […]

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