Month: May 2009

Any intrusion by religion into secular space is alarming

ST letter (online) by Ms Alicia Wong 30 May 2009 ST link I REFER to Wednesday’s report, ‘No ‘bright line’ between religion and politics’. I disagree that religion and politics are not clearly separated in Singapore. The Singapore brand of secularism is not anti-religious. There is, however, a great difference between allowing, supporting and ensuring […]

Parliamentary roundup: Make no mistake, the ruling party has no intention of restoring democracy

Written by Ng E-Jay 29 May 2009 Lamenting the fact that the ruling People’s Action Party (PAP) currently dominates the House, can amend the Constitution freely, and controls key levers of power in the country, Worker’s Party chief Low Thia Khiang told Parliament on Monday that only an elected opposition can provide effective checks and […]

Changes to Parliamentary system: Don’t be lulled into the political “mind trap” set by the PAP

Written by Ng E-Jay 28 May 2009 Changes to the Parliamentary system were announced by PM Lee Hsien Loong on Wednesday. They include: Amending the Constitution to allow for up to nine Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMPs); Amending the Parliamentary Elections Act to increase the stipulated minimum number of opposition MPs, including NCMPs, to nine; […]

Medieval attitudes towards sex and sexuality, rather than tolerance of alternative lifestyles, undermine the social fabric

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 May 2009 I read with absolute shock and dismay Mr Steven Tan’s ST forum (online) letter “Useful programme except for condom excerpt” published on 20 May, in which the writer criticized the school educational programme Breaking Down Barriers conducted by the Health Promotion Board (HPB) for teaching students how to […]

Public order concerns: Look who’s talking

By the Singapore Democrats 24 May 2009 Original link Much has been made about the apathy of Singaporeans towards politics and political issues. Is such a “tidak apa” attitude a result of the fact that Singaporeans are a contented lot or is it because the authoritarian system has instilled fear into the minds of the […]

Other countries are light years ahead of us in providing public transport subsidies for disabled

(Some pictures of the event are attached with this article) Written by Ng E-Jay 25 May 2009 Carrying placards that read “Hear Our Plea“, “Support Our Subsidy” and “Give Us Dignity“, some disabled members of our society assembled at Hong Lim Park last Saturday to make a strong pitch for public transport subsidies. A total […]

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