We need to change the way the Government manages our economy

Written by Ng E-Jay 30 March 2009 At the launch of an alumni complex at the National University of Singapore (NUS) a couple of Fridays ago, Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew said that Singapore will take two to three years to bounce back from the recession, assumes that the United States recovers next year. (ST,… Continue reading

The mainstream media’s clear bias for the political elite

Written by Ng E-Jay 29 March 2009 When the Straits Times ran an article on March 21 entitled “Report card on Class of 2006” quoting an anonymous People’s Action Party (PAP) cadre as saying that Dr Fatimah Lateef, an MP of Marine Parade GRC, had some trouble connecting with management members of Chinese temples in… Continue reading

NCMP Sylvia Lim and NMP Thio Li-Ann give in-principle support to Films Act amendments

NMP Siew Kum Hong stood as the LONE DISSENTER to the Films Act amendments being passed even as Opposition voices in Parliament support the PAP “in principle”. EDITOR’S NOTE: I hereby applaud Mr Siew Kum Hong for having the courage to stand up for his conviction and voice out the sad truth behind the Films… Continue reading

The new Public Order Act — more arbitrary powers, more tyranny

SEE ALSO: Changes proposed to Films Act and enhanced police powers by Ng E-Jay and Shameful piece of legislation by the Singapore Democrats. Written by Ng E-Jay 24 March 2009 Article 14(1) of the Singapore Constitution states that every Singapore citizen has the right to freedom of speech and expression, the right to assemble peaceably… Continue reading

Astronomical public service pay and CDC staff bonuses: hallmarks of a self-serving Government

Written by Ng E-Jay 21 March 2009 On US President Barack Obama’s first day in office, he signed an executive order instituting a pay freeze on White House staff earning over US$100,000 (S$150,000) per year. Relating the pay freeze of his officers and public servants to the prevailing economic crisis, he said: “During this period… Continue reading

MAS’ consultation paper on enhanced regulation in the financial industry — key issue of MAS’ own accountability not addressed, amongst other issues

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 March 2009 In an attempt to shore up the faltering reputation of Singapore as a financial hub and to beef up regulations governing the marketing and sale of investment products, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) released a draft consultation paper last Thursday outlining what is acceptable sales practice and… Continue reading

Protection from harm: One set of rules for political elites and another set of rules for common folk

Written by Ng E-Jay 14 March 2009 AG Walter Woon famously remarked at the opening of the legal year in the Supreme Court in January that “the essence of the rule of law is that the law applies to all“. However, as far as protection from physical or psychological harm is concerned, it appears that… Continue reading

No Singaporean fit to manage our country’s reserves?

Written by Ng E-Jay 11 March 2009 Is there really no Singapore citizen who is fit to manage our own country’s reserves? That was the impression Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew gave last week when he said at the Thomson Reuters Newsmaker Event that “there was nobody inside Temasek equal to the job” of CEO.… Continue reading

The media’s agenda against the Singapore Democrats

By the Singapore Democrats 09 March 2009 (Please visit SDP’s website for more articles of theirs, as well as their party manifesto. Find out more about SDP as a political party here and read the truth about Ministers’ Pay, Labour, Poverty in Singapore, the CPF System, the Media, and the Elections here.) Original Link The… Continue reading

Singapore Democrats: Why we do what we do

By the Singapore Democrats 05 March 2009 Original Link There are those who still don’t understand the SDP’s strategy and approach to politics. Why do Singapore Democrats insist of defying the law and ending up in court instead of doing the ground work necessary to win elections? The answer is simple: Because the PAP has… Continue reading