Month: March 2009

Astronomical public service pay and CDC staff bonuses: hallmarks of a self-serving Government

Written by Ng E-Jay 21 March 2009 On US President Barack Obama’s first day in office, he signed an executive order instituting a pay freeze on White House staff earning over US$100,000 (S$150,000) per year. Relating the pay freeze of his officers and public servants to the prevailing economic crisis, he said: “During this period […]

MAS’ consultation paper on enhanced regulation in the financial industry — key issue of MAS’ own accountability not addressed, amongst other issues

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 March 2009 In an attempt to shore up the faltering reputation of Singapore as a financial hub and to beef up regulations governing the marketing and sale of investment products, the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) released a draft consultation paper last Thursday outlining what is acceptable sales practice and […]

Singapore Democrats: Why we do what we do

By the Singapore Democrats 05 March 2009 Original Link There are those who still don’t understand the SDP’s strategy and approach to politics. Why do Singapore Democrats insist of defying the law and ending up in court instead of doing the ground work necessary to win elections? The answer is simple: Because the PAP has […]

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