A reader’s kind remarks for Jaslyn and the cause she stands for

I am an American and live in the state of California. I happened to be looking at various websites addressing child care, and ran across this article. I applaud Ms Go’s courage. I am a single father, having raised my daughter for the past 19 years, and yes, I want her to live in a… Continue reading

A reader’s comment: The dangers of conflating public concerns with the principles of criminal trials

EDITOR’S NOTE: In August last year, the Law Minister K. Shanmugam reiterated a stand made previously by Attorney-General Walter Woon that “not guilty in law” does not mean “innocent”. In other words, a person may not be factually innocent even if the law acquits him. I wrote an opinion piece here explaining why I thought… Continue reading

Do We Care?

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 23 Feb 2009 Three recent issues cause me great discomfort. The first is the topic of euthanasia, the second is the sale of organs and the third is the suggestion of sending our elderly to a neighbouring country to save costs. The issues give me discomfort because they would have… Continue reading

Jaslyn Go to town council: Treat workers with respect

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jaslyn’s letter to the Town Council first appeared on her blog here. Her letter was also published by the Singapore Democrats here. Blogger and activist Ms Jaslyn Go came across an incident in which a Tanjong Pagar Town Council staff member was loudly and publicly berating a cleaner for not doing his work… Continue reading

The Singapore Democrats’ position paper on Land Transport

EDITOR’S NOTE: In view of the recent reduction in public transport fares, which are the first of its kind in the 22-year history of the Public Transport Council (PTC), I am posting the Singapore Democrats’ view on Land Transport to remind readers that far deeper issues lurk beneath the surface, and there is a serious… Continue reading

Parliamentary Elections possible from May to Nov 2009

Written by Ng E-Jay 20 Feb 2009 Snap parliamentary elections are now possible from May to November 2009, and quite likely as early as May to July 2009. The Government gazette published the boundaries of altered polling districts on Wednesday, just a day after the Elections Department announced that the Register of Voters is being… Continue reading

Breaking news: Electoral boundaries redrawn

By the Singapore Democrats 18 Feb 2009 Original link Is the PAP calling for snap elections soon? It sure seems that way. The Elections Department has been a little more than active in the past few months, first training civil servants as election officials, then updating the register of voters and the latest news: announcing… Continue reading

Full of generalities but short on specifics: President S R Nathan’s (unofficial) guide to rubber stamping

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 Feb 2009 President S R Nathan held a press conference on Tuesday to explain why he agreed to the first-ever draw on past reserves. Being full of generalities but short on specifics, did President Nathan tell us anything that we did not already know? President Nathan said that the swiftness… Continue reading