Month: December 2008

Who is John Tan?

Written by Chee Siok Chin, for the Singapore Democrats 29 December 2008 Original link I first met John in September of 2006 during our three-day standoff at Hong Lim Park with the police. He had heard about our rally and march on September 16 and came to lend his support. I remember him staying on […]

Tan Kin Lian’s final rally for investors at Speaker’s Corner: The authorities have done little to help investors

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 December 2008 At the final rally for investors at Speaker’s Corner, Mr Tan Kin Lian lambasted MAS for doing scant little to assist investors, many of whom have lost their life savings. Financial institutions have also given very little compensation to investors, and frequently have dragged the cases and not […]

A message from Mr Mohd Jufrie Mahmood

This message is reproduced with permission from Mr Mohd Jufrie Mahmood. By Jufrie Mahmood 23 Dec 2008 Hi all, After a long lay off, my recent public visibility has attracted attention and comments from well-intended close and not so close friends. “Why, Jufrie Why?” they asked. “But if you must, why not associate with the […]

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