John Tan walks out of prison and straight back into the fight for democracy

By the Singapore Democrats, 31 Dec 2008 Original link SDP Assistant Secretary-General John Tan was released yesterday after serving a 15-day senetence for contempt of court. Mr Tan was in a buoyant mood and remained defiant in fighting for democracy in Singapore. He was convicted together with Mr Shaffi’ie and Mr Isrizal for wearing kangaroo… Continue reading

Tan Kin Lian’s final rally for investors at Speaker’s Corner: The authorities have done little to help investors

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 December 2008 At the final rally for investors at Speaker’s Corner, Mr Tan Kin Lian lambasted MAS for doing scant little to assist investors, many of whom have lost their life savings. Financial institutions have also given very little compensation to investors, and frequently have dragged the cases and not… Continue reading

A message from Mr Mohd Jufrie Mahmood

This message is reproduced with permission from Mr Mohd Jufrie Mahmood. By Jufrie Mahmood 23 Dec 2008 Hi all, After a long lay off, my recent public visibility has attracted attention and comments from well-intended close and not so close friends. “Why, Jufrie Why?” they asked. “But if you must, why not associate with the… Continue reading

Transport Minister Raymond Lim says: Heads we win, tails you lose

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 December 2008 Going by Transport Minister Raymond Lim’s latest remarks, no one can possibly be blamed for assuming that as far as Singapore’s public transport fares are concerned, it’s a case of “heads the PAP wins, tails citizens lose“. At a dialogue with about 300 MacPherson residents on Sunday 21… Continue reading

Sex Education — 3rd world mentalities in a supposed 1st world country

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 December 2008 Mathia Lee’s blog post on AWARE’s Comprehensive Sex Ed Programme (a Sunday Times letter penned by Dr Roopa Dewan and Mathia Lee) was quite thought-provoking. These are some of my reflections on the issue. 1. Looking for scapegoats versus educating the young. When dealing with emotive issues like… Continue reading

Encourage bank relationship managers to do the right thing by confessing to mis-selling

Written by Ng E-Jay 18 Dec 2008 Mr Tan Kin Lian has revealed on his blog that he was approached by a bank relationship manager who wishes to confess to giving wrong information to investors of failed credit linked notes due to his ignorance about the risks of the product. According to Mr Tan, this… Continue reading