Month: November 2008

Well protected with positive returns, says Dr Teo Ho Pin

EDITOR’S NOTE: Dr Teo Ho Pin, Coordinating Chairman of PAP Town Councils, has written a letter to the ST forum page entitled “Well protected, with positive returns”. In the letter, he explained on the need for maintaining sinking funds for retrofitting works and co-paying lift upgrading. The sinking funds are distinct from short-term funds formed […]

Logic favours two party system; Governments better off with checks and balances (ST letters in response to Dr Tan Wu Meng)

Logic favours two-party system: ST letter by Mr Rayner Teo 22 Nov 2008 ST link I REFER to the current discussion on the ideal party system to govern Singapore. In my view, the debate boils down to this question: Is the potential monolithic mindset of a single-party system more dangerous than the chaotic free-wheeling debate […]

All That Glitters is Not Gold

Written by Dr Wong Wee Nam 21 November 2008 “All professions are conspiracies against the laity.” — George Bernard Shaw When we were in school, one of the unforgettable proverbs we learnt was “All That Glitters is Not Gold”. Another was “Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover”. For all intents and purposes these proverbs […]

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