ST forum letter: Electricity tariffs are 82% higher here than in Hong Kong

This is an ST forum letter written by Mr Paul Chan. ST link THE recent jump in the electricity tariff has left many wondering what was the rationale. Is the oil price the only culprit? Fuel is not the only component cost of electricity. Buildings and infrastructure, plant and machinery depreciation, maintenance, insurance, manpower, distribution… Continue reading

Why I participated in the TBT protest, and why I pleaded guilty

EDITOR’S NOTE: A fuller version of this article will appear at a later date, when the TBT trial has been concluded. Written by Ng E-Jay 24 October 2008 In late December last year, the SDP announced on their web site that an application had been made for a permit to hold a peaceful protest near… Continue reading

Protests do not lead to anarchy

Written by the Singapore Democrats (at 14 October 2008 Original Blog Link For decades freedom of assembly, aka protests, have been taboo in Singapore. Any call for demonstrations is met with words like “chaos” and “destruction” being thrown about will-nilly. Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the ultimate scare-monger, said that when people are allowed to… Continue reading

Singapore Democrats: F1 and our future

Written by the Singapore Democrats, 08 Oct 2008 As the souped-up engines roared and the fancy cars burned rubber on our roads, one in four Singaporeans turned up enthusiastically to watch the racing spectacle, making it a sport for the people with real mass appeal. Yes, that’s what happened in 1966 when the Singapore Grand… Continue reading

Abuse of foreign workers is yet another example of Government incompetence

Written by Ng E-Jay 08 October 2008 Reports have surfaced yet again that many low skilled foreign workers in Singapore are being exploited or abused (see ST articles “‘Please give us work’ … ‘and remember to pay us‘” and “Forced to live on the streets“, 07 Oct). According to the Bangladesh High Commission, there has… Continue reading

Singapore Democrats: Let our students grow

Written by the Singapore Democrats 06 October 2008 The recent student anger that erupted at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) over censorship of political news brings to focus a long neglected issue in our nation’s universities – the wholesale de-politicisation of our students. Student life in Singapore has been reduced to organising beauty pageants, jams… Continue reading

Goodbye, dear friend

Written by Dr Chee Soon Juan 03 October 2008 Original Link Dear Mr Jeyaretnam, I visited you one last time on Tuesday. I’ve never seen you so peaceful and contented. This is such a change from all the years that we’ve been working together. I remember how bitter we felt sitting in your rented apartment… Continue reading

A legacy that will always be an inspiration: A tribute to JBJ

Written by Ng E-Jay 03 October 2008 My very first encounter with Mr Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ) was at a small coffeeshop along Peck Seah Street in May 2007. JBJ had rallied friends, supporters, and other interested parties to come together to discuss the formation of a new political party. He spoke in great earnest,… Continue reading