NSP’s Press Release regarding PM Lee’s National Day Rally

NSP Press Release: INTERESTING BUT WITHOUT SUFFICIENT IMPACT The Prime Minister’s National Day speech was generally interesting in terms of linguistic versatility and showmanship. It however lacked sufficient impact as many of its measures were deemed to be short, despite the lengthy 3.5 hours delivery. POLITICAL LANDSCAPE Few people are surprised at the Government’s lackluster… Continue reading

AIMS’s paper on Engaging New Media — a summary of their position on online political content, and my take on it

Written by Ng E-Jay 29 Aug 2008 The Advisory Council on the Impact of New Media on Society (AIMS) has released a paper entitled “Engaging New Media – Challenging Old Assumptions”. This objective of this paper is to provide a review of the increasingly complex social, ethical, legal and regulatory issues have arisen as a… Continue reading

Sylvia Lim opposed motion to revise Parliamentary Elections Act because the motion sought to entrench GRCs

NCMP Sylvia Lim made a speech in Parliament on Wed 27 Aug on the issue of by-elections and GRCs. She said that she was unable to support the motion tabled by Nominated MPs Thio Li-Ann and Loo Choon Yoong for amendments to the Parliamentary Elections Act because this motion sought to entrench the GRC system,… Continue reading

Foreign workers DO depress local pay at the lower end of the salary scale

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 Aug 2008 The issue of foreign workers depressing local salaries has cropped up again in Parliament. Acting Manpower Minister Gan Kim Yong attempted to dismiss this view on Tuesday in his reply to a question from Non-Constituency MP Sylvia Lim. Sylvia Lim had reiterated the point that wages for the… Continue reading

K. Shanmugam’s remarks on acquittals in law could open a pandora’s box

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 Aug 2008 Law Minister K. Shanmugam has reiterated a stand made previously by Attorney-General Walter Woon that “not guilty in law” does not mean “innocent”. In other words, a person may not be factually innocent even if the law acquits him. My immediate comment is: What is the point of… Continue reading

Dr Lily Neo speaks out vociferously over aid for poorest households

Written by Ng E-Jay 27 Aug 2008 Dr Lily Neo, an MP for Jalan Besar GRC, is well known for her strong personality and the close attention she pays to the plight of the poor in Singapore. On Monday in Parliament, her fiesty demeanour showed through during question time when she squared off with Mrs… Continue reading

Liberalization of Speaker’s Corner: Let’s see whether the authorities truly use a “light touch”

Written by Ng E-Jay 26 Aug 2008 On Monday, at a press conference, the Police and National Parks Board released a set of new rules governing the activities that can and cannot be held at Speaker’s Corner. These rules take effect next Monday, 1 Sept. Now, demonstrations can held at Speaker’s Corner, and these can… Continue reading

Flip flop by the police: Are Burmese activists in Singapore keeping within the law or not?

On 20 Nov 2007 while Singapore was hosting the 13th ASEAN Summit, some Burmese patriots held a peaceful demonstration near Orchard Road to protest against the murderous actions of the Burmese junta and affirm their solidarity with their fellow citizens back in Burma. A Straits Times report on the event was published the next day.… Continue reading

Burmese citizens hold press conference on being denied visa renewals in Singapore

Written by Ng E-Jay 22 Aug 2008 Some Burmese residents held a press conference on 22 Aug at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel from 3pm to 5pm in a bid at publicizing the plight of 6 of their compatriots who have had the renewal applications for their PR re-entry permits, employment passes, work permits, or social visit… Continue reading