Month: July 2008


Point Mr Low argued that if the PAP wanted more from the opposition, it should give them more political space. “The PAP should allow the opposition more space in political participation, and not anyhow redraw the (electoral) boundaries,” he said. (Straits Times article “Hougang residents keeping me on my toes: Low to SM Goh“, 31 […]

Singapore’s success not about PAP or opposition

EDITOR’s NOTE: On 26 July, the Straits Times forum page (print edition) published a letter by Mr Lee Choon Wah entitled “Opposition yet to show it can deliver, unlike PAP”. In that letter, Lee said that he hoped JBJ would “retire graciously“, and he slammed other Opposition candidates for merely criticising government policies and fighting […]

My prochoice stand on abortion laws

Written by Ng E-Jay 25 July 2008 A Straits Times review article penned by Tan Seow Hon asked for a review of Singapore’s current laws on abortion in light of changing demographics and advances in medical science. In this article, I give a critique on Tan’s analysis, and assert that any review of abortion laws […]

Challenges facing political parties — recruitment, quality of candidates, visibility between elections

Many people recognize that the biggest challenge for all political parties — both ruling and opposition in Singapore — is to recruit credible members. Certainly I can agree with that. Opposition parties in particular need strong leaders, good orators, as well as people able to dissect Government policies and propose alternative viewpoints in an intelligent […]

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