Month: June 2008

Article by Law Sin Ling (NSP): Singapore Press – Rushing To Infernal Self-Condemnation

From: Law Sin Ling 29 June 2008 Singapore Press – Rushing To Infernal Self-Condemnation Sg_Review ORIGINALLY POSTED AT: It was not pleasant news for Sunday, or any day. A life was lost through yet-to-be-determined circumstance. Murder was insinuated by the newspaper. The reporter was not obliged to sanctify the incident. He opted instead to […]

Why I dissented to the Bloggers’ proposals on the Regulation of Hate Speech on the Internet

Written by Ng E-Jay 20 June 2008 On 18 April, a group of 13 bloggers, which included myself, submitted a paper to the Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts entitled “Proposals for Internet freedom in Singapore”. The paper outlines the various defects in current media laws and regulations governing internet content in Singapore, such […]

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