Dr Wong Wee Nam – Exemplary Leadership: People First

Written by Dr. Wong Wee Nam 29 May 2008 Exemplary Leadership: People First “Those who are wise do not dispense political decrees (to the people)” Laozi On 12th of May, a terrible earthquake, one of the worst in decades, hit the Sichuan Province of China. To date, almost 70,000 have been killed and many are… Continue reading

Seelan Palay: Why I Will Not Vote For Yaw Shin Leong In The Next Election

Written by Seelan Palay 31 May 08 Three weeks ago, during one of our casual activist gatherings, some friends and I started discussing about ramblings in a local Internet forum (Sammy Boy), where some forum participants were unable to reconcile with the fact that Yaw Shin Leong voted for PAP MP Teo Ho Pin in… Continue reading

Chee rebuts letter by ex-head of M’sian TI

Editor’s Note: After Dr Chee’s letter which is reproduced below, there is a brief explanation on the background of this whole saga. By Dr Chee Soon Juan Published in Straits Times forum page (Print edition), 30 May 08. IF TUNKU Abdul Aziz is concerned about the integrity of Transparency International-Malaysia (TIM), then he must be… Continue reading

DPM Wong Kan Seng addressed all issues except his own culpability

By Ng E-Jay On 21 Apr, DPM Wong Kan Seng gave an update to Parliament on how Mas Selamat Kastari escaped, and on Monday 26 May, he explained to Parliament the various disciplinary measures taken against those deemed responsible for the escape. In the interim period, the Ministry of Home Affairs has also given periodic… Continue reading

An Open Letter to Low Thia Khiang and Sylvia Lim on the Yaw Shin Leong fiasco

24 May 08 To: Mr Low Thia Khiang (Secretary-General) Ms Sylvia Lim (Chairman) When the mainstream press broke the news that Mr Yaw Shin Leong, your Organizing Secretary, had voted for the PAP in the last elections and also publicly announced it on his blog, I was naturally disappointed with his actions. I blogged about… Continue reading

Freedom of speech convicted again

by the Singapore Democrats 21 May 2008 In a brief session this morning, District Court Judge Jasvender Kaur found Dr Chee Soon Juan and Mr Yap Keng Ho guilty of speaking in public without a permit. She, however, postponed sentencing because the Deputy Public Prosecutor wanted time to finalise its position on the remaining charges.… Continue reading

MDA censorship brigade seize video at private screening

(Singapore Rebel) Censorship in Singapore sank to a new low today (Sat, 17 May) as officers from the Board of Film Censors turn up at Peninsula-Excelsior Hotel’s Tulip Room to demand that organisers of a film screening hand over the video for classification (half-way during the screening itself). The invitation for the screening of “One… Continue reading

Netizens call for WP’s Yaw to resign or be sacked.

Netizens have felt so betrayed by WP Organizing Secretary Yaw Shin Leong’s recent fiasco over the publicizing of his GE2006 vote that some have called for further action to be taken, even resignation or sacking. DamnBore said, “Internally if they will not sack YSL there will be mutual suspicions amongst WP member. Imagine having candidates… Continue reading

WP candidate publicized on his blog that he voted for PAP, draws flak on the Internet. My personal take.

According to a Straits Times article in the Online edition (15 May 08), it began with just an innocuous message on Yaw Shin Leong’s personal blog that PAP candidate Teo Ho Pin was a good MP and that Yaw had voted for him in GE 2006. (The Straits Times will release a fuller article in… Continue reading