Month: March 2008

Rejected ST Letter by Ms Go Hui Leng

STATUS: REJECTED 28 March 2008 Written by Ms Go Hui Leng I was a participant in the 15 March 2008 protest organized by SDP along with two of my young children. On 20th March 2008, at about 9.45pm, while trying to put my two tired kids to sleep, a loud bang on my door jolted […]

Post-Modern Authoritarian Singapore

Written by Ng E-Jay 25 March 2008 In an article entitled “Post-Modernism and the Silent Revolution” written by Marc Glendening and published in the November/December 2005 issue of The European Journal (a publication by the European Foundation, a think-tank established to promote democracy and free trade in the European Union), the concept of Post-Modern Authoritarianism […]

Chia Ti Lik: Confessions of a Protestor, World Consumer Rights’ Day – Protest in front of Parliament House Part 5

Written by Chia Ti Lik 19 March 2008 [News has it that Uncle Yap has been charged for 2 charges unlawful assembly and illegal procession. This is a sad day for Singapore. Something must be wrong with this nation when the administration punishes civil activists for speaking up for the Singapore people. As it is, […]

“Tyranny is worse than a Man-Eating Tiger”

“Tyranny is worse than a Man-Eating Tiger” “苛政猛於虎也” By Dr Wong Wee Nam Written March 18, 2008 On 5th of March 2008, just before the Malaysian General Election, Dr Mohd Mahathir, the former Prime Minister, declared in an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini, the online political website, saying “I believe in an opposition. I have always […]

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