Some of my thoughts on CPF, foreign talents and globalization

I was responding to one of Thinkall’s posts in Sammyboy Coffeeshop forum. Thinkall wrote in one of his posts: … … As long we there is no firm understanding in this country why wealth decision making belongs to individuals, the State extends its tentacular claws on all aspects of life, which is what it is… Continue reading

Thinkall on the issue of leverage, banking, Singapore’s SWF, and the subprime crisis

24 Jan 08 The business of banking is a very simple business; the only difficulty is the myriad devices developed for existing and contingent liabilities. The whole business survives on credit and financial reputation. We currently own a whole host of banking entities not truly understanding that collective liabilities amassed are nothing short of one… Continue reading

Thinkall: PAP will fall with SWFs books

23 Jan 08 The whole notion that the Government is not in control of the degree of investment and principles that delimit the investment quantum is simply ridiculous. The whole notion of separation of SWF’s responsibilities from State Governance is simply unacceptable. Is the state merely an investor? Do the monies belong to the state?… Continue reading

Singapore Democrats: Singaporeans Participated in International Human Rights Torch Relay

Singaporeans Participated in International Human Rights Torch Relay Singapore Democrats 21 Jan 08 For the first time in Singaporean history, a human rights torch had come on shore, so declared human rights lawyer Mr M. Ravi, the president of the Singapore chapter of the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (CIPFG). On Saturday,… Continue reading

Discount ads on taxis illegal, says LTA

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has said that discount ads on taxis are illegal. This follows a recent report of TransCab taxi driver Mr A.L. Tan displaying a sign on his windscreen announcing his waiver of the 35 per cent surcharge for peak-hour rides. Cabbies complain that passengers are disappearing during morning and evening rush… Continue reading

There’s a reason it’s called “public service”

There’s a reason it’s called “public service”. From ministers to perm secs all the way to rank and file officers. Why do we call them “civil servants”? Because they are servants of the people. We pay them to serve the nation, to implement good policies, to make a better community for all. Public service is… Continue reading