Month: December 2007

Excellent ST Forum letter on Singaporeans being disadvantaged by indiscriminate hiring of foreign workers

ST Reader Ms Goh Bee Lian has written an outstanding letter on how Singaporeans are disadvantaged by indiscriminate hiring of foreigners who do not have a proper command of the English language. She was responding to a previous ST Forum letter by the Ministry of Manpower explaining how foreigners supplement Singapore’s workforce and why Singaporeans […]

Only partial insurance payout for disabled man

This is another instance when we should question how far does insurance really protect us and provide for our dependents? To be sure, everyone needs insurance, especially those with dependents. But for cases involving Total and Permanent Disability (TPD), it is not so clear that our current insurance policies really offer the kind of protection […]

SDP Article: Stand up and live with honour

This article is reproduced with permission from the Singapore Democratic Party. Stand up and live with honour Singapore Democrats 14 Dec 07 Two million was not enough, three million was still too little, now Mr Lee Hsien Loong wants an additional $700,000 for his annual salary. His ministers want $500,000 more. The lust is unbridled. […]

Lawyers present petition to Law Society

On 10 Dec 07 Monday, lawyers Chia Ti Lik and M. Ravi presented a petition to the Law Society calling for the establishment of a human rights sub-committee within the Law Society and calling for a strengthening of the independence of the judiciary, amongst other matters. The content of the letter is as follows:

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