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Don’t Piss on the Ashes

I couldn’t resist the headline “Chan Chun Sing rebuffs Huffington Post for running articles by Chee Soon Juan”. The latter had written two articles “Without Freedom There is No Free Trade” and “Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go” talking basically about income inequality, media freedom creativity and the need for improvement in the system.

History is Bunk

Over the last few days, there have been a lot of articles in the press to support the PAP’s position that it had been right to suppress its opponents in the early sixties because it was beyond the shadow of doubt that they were communists. In its view, Lim Chin Siong was clearly a communist even though he had publicly declared he was not and evidence from the Colonial Office corroborated this. The British intelligence believed he was not acting for the MCP or taking instructions from them. Chin Peng had confirmed he was not under their influence.

The NLB fiasco

The decision to remove the books disappoints me. The decision to pulp the books disappoints me even more. All this while I thought only the Chinese Emperor Qin Shihuang would destroy books that he disapproved of. I never expected NLB to be so dramatic.

Is There a Need to Sue?

Therefore, with a good and solid reputation, there is no necessity to sue to protect its integrity. What would that achieve? Suing a person would not necessarily enhance the reputation of the person alleged to be defamed. The aggrieved person merely gains some monetary compensation and also derives the personal satisfaction of punishing and impoverishing the person who had libelled him. There is not much to gain in terms of reputation.

Tyranny or People’s Participation?

The Prime Minister said we must have a robust and open debate to ensure that proposals are scrutinised and argued, so that we find out what the strengths are, identify the weaknesses and the problems, and we come up with the best ideas and solutions for Singaporeans. How are we going to do this if Singaporeans are going to live in fear?

Mind the Cracks

Moreover, the liberal immigration policies employed by the ruling government over the past decade have caused Singaporeans to be placed in a state of disorientation and fragmentation. With local-bred Singaporeans being pushed into a near minority status, it will soon precipitate a crisis of national identity. Without any clear integration and induction program catered for these new migrants, Singaporeans are beckoned to welcome and aid their integration into our society often at the expense of our way of life. The truth is, decades of nation building efforts have been undone with the liberal influx of immigrants in just the past ten years alone.

PAP’s Battle Cry

Singapore’s problem is not about Singaporeans becoming more vocal and making a lot of noise on the internet. Our problem is that we live in a city with a small geographical land area without a hinterland. This problem is compounded by the rapid influx of foreigners and temporary sojourners. In proportion, the native population is getting smaller and becoming a minority.

Reflection of that Midnight Call

By Dr Wong Wee Nam 06 July 2013 People don’t normally call another person in the middle of the night unless it is something very important. Or, unless you are feeling hungry and want someone to go with for supper. Most of the time, it means bad news. In my case, whenever there is such […]

Is the PAP government going back to its old ways?

As a result of the Internet, the PAP cannot continue, with the help of the state-controlled media, to appear indispensable and flawless. As a result of the Internet, all the faults in government policies are straightaway exposed by the many experts who surf the cyberspace. With the growing influence of the Internet as a source of information, opinion and news, there is no doubt it affects the credibility of the mainstream media.

Boston of the East?

If the Prime Minister wants Singaporeans to have the courage and the humanity to respond with the same grace and unity as the Bostonians, then his government must provide the Bostonian environment conducive enough for us to develop the attitudes and values of the Bostonians.

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