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While Malaysia’s government is forced to embrace change, our government still resists change

Written by Ng E-Jay 19 September 2011 A very significant political development happened in Malaysia last week. On Thursday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that Malaysia’s Internal Security Act (ISA) would be completely repealed, along with the 1969 Emergency Ordinance which also allows for detention without trial. According to PM Najib’s press […]

Ministry of Law contradicts District Judge over whether political criticism in Singapore is a crime

The Ministry of Law has issued a statement which contradicts a recent judgment made by District Judge Ch’ng Lye Beng who presided over the case of 3 SDP CEC members charged with illegally distributing pamphlets at Raffles City Shopping Centre on 10 Sep 2006. The flyers questioned ministerial salaries and highlighted the denial of political rights to Singaporeans. They also announced the Empower Singaporeans March and Rally that was to be held the following week on 16 Sep 06 during the WB-IMF meeting.

The banana and your HDB flat

By the Singapore Democrats 10 Dec 2009 One stall sells bananas for 50 cents each. Another prices them at $1 but posts a sign: “Buy One Get One Free!” Who do you buy from? Unfortunately many shoppers are attracted to the latter. It is this psychology that the PAP preys on when it says that […]

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