Sir Alex Ferguson and Singapore

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By Dr Wong Wee Nam
16 May 2013

When Sir Alex Ferguson announced his decision to quit as manager of the Manchester United football team, he created a shockwave in the football world. Who would have expected the most successful football manager in the world to leave so suddenly when his passion for the game is still evident in recent games? Nevertheless, the decision is a correct one. Age is catching up on him. He has to leave sooner or later. So what better time to leave than at the pinnacle of his career?

I like Sir Alex, not only for bringing up the great MU teams that have given me countless hours of viewing pleasure, but also for not forgetting his roots and always feeling for the working class in spite of his success and wealth.

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A fraudulent election outcome

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I will NOT post the Malaysian General Election 2013 results on my blog or on my FB page, because I believe that any election outcome that is fraudulently obtained is NOT WORTH MENTIONING AND NOT WORTH DISCUSSING.

Where Have All Our Morals Gone?

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Dr Patrick Kee (link)

Where have all our morals gone? High flyers straying!
Where have all our morals gone? So many lusting.
Where have all our morals gone? Something is missing!
When will we ever learn? When will we ever learn?

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Low Thia Khiang reacts to Michael Palmer’s resignation

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Everyone should listen carefully to Mr Low Thia Khiang’s reaction to Michael Palmer’s resignation. Unlike how the mass media and the PAP launched scathing attacks in the wake of the Yaw Shin Leong saga, Mr Low was scrupulously fair to all parties concerned, and he even recognized Mr Palmer’s valuable contribution as former Speaker of Parliament. The contrast is so distinguished it really puts the PAP and the MSM to shame.

This is what politics can — and should — be.

PM Lee sets up facebook page

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WARNING: Some paragraphs are ever so slightly tongue-in-cheek.

Written by Ng E-Jay
21 April 2012

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong set up his own facebook page on Friday, 20 April 2012. It can be accessed here.

In his “welcome” message, Mr Lee said that “the social media (has) changed the way we live, work and play, especially the way we connect with one another”, and that having watched his colleagues on facebook, he has decided to “join the fun”.

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Cherry Picking

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While Malaysia’s government is forced to embrace change, our government still resists change

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Written by Ng E-Jay
19 September 2011

A very significant political development happened in Malaysia last week. On Thursday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced that Malaysia’s Internal Security Act (ISA) would be completely repealed, along with the 1969 Emergency Ordinance which also allows for detention without trial.

According to PM Najib’s press release (attached at the bottom of this article), these laws would be replaced with ones which incorporate greater judicial oversight as well as limit police autonomy, and the new laws will be enacted under Article 149 of the Federal Constitution.

Point number 25 of the press release states: “Above all, the government will ensure that the rights of those involved will be safeguarded. Legislation formulated will take into consideration fundamental rights and freedom based on the Federal Constitution. The new laws will provide for a substantially shorter duration of police custody and further detention can only be made with a court order, except laws pertaining to terrorism which will remain under the jurisdiction of the minister.

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Let us unite and set our sights on the future general election

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28 August, 2.30am

Some people are now attacking Tan Jee Say’s supporters in online forums, accusing them of robbing victory from Dr Tan Cheng Bock and handing victory to Dr Tony Tan.

It is very unfortunate that some people choose at this moment to be so divisive and to play partisan politics in such a petty manner.

This is a time for people to unite and look to the future, not for one group to start attacking another group. That is all I have to say. I abhor such pettiness and narrow-mindedness. I hope this stops.

We have to look toward the future general election and continue working for the good of Singaporeans.

Emotional dilemna created by WP? Mr George Yeo, the PAP did it first in 1991!

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It is the PAP who started playing the emotional dilemna game, not the opposition.

Written by Ng E-Jay
29 April 2011

Mr George Yeo, leader of PAP’s Aljunied GRC team, has lambasted the Worker’s Party (WP) for putting Aljunied voters into what he terms an “emotional dilemna”.

On Thursday, Mr Yeo said that the WP has placed upon Aljunied residents the “burden” of the opposition cause and the task of supporting the larger interests of the opposition at the potential expense of their own “enlightened self interest”.

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Kenneth Jeyaretnam’s response to TOC lacked composure and calm befitting a prominent politician

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Filed under: Archives wishes all readers a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Written by Ng E-Jay
24 December 2009

A heated debate has broken out between The Online Citizen and its critics, with none other than Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam, the Secretary-General of the Reform Party, joining the fray in an attempt, in his own words, to defend not only his late father but also the concept of opposition and democracy.

While Mr Jeyaretnam has every right to respond forcefully to what he perceived (no matter rightly or wrongly) to be a smear campaign directed at the late Joshua Benjamin Jeyaretnam (JBJ), and by association, the Reform Party, his response lacked the composure and calm befitting a politician of his stature. He is, after all, the Sec-Gen of a political party that has gradually gained prominence in Singapore, and his conduct should at all times reflect the weight and dignity associated with the post.

The outcry began when Terence Lee, a writer at The Online Citizen (TOC) website, published an article “Milder but more credible” on Sunday 20 Dec in which he suggested that the late JBJ had practised “rabble-rousing” politics and had engaged in “rambunctious” attacks on the People’s Action Party (PAP). Terence also said that the present day Worker’s Party is “set on treading the careful path” and seems adamant about avoiding the bevy of defamation suits suffered by its former Sec-Gen.

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