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The propaganda campaign against the striking bus drivers

In 1987, the state media prevented any alternative analyses of Operation Spectrum and, particularly, those which early and easily dismantled the government case – and I assure you there was a huge amount – from reaching the ears of Singaporeans. In 2012, we should not let this happen to us. Allow me to plead with you to form your own judgment of the bus drivers strike based on all the available information and not only on what the government determines is safe to publish. You may arrive at a very different conclusion than the one the government is so desirous of propagating.

SDP responds to Lee Kuan Yew on housing

Singapore Democrats (link) 07 November 2012 Mr Lee Kuan Yew said on Sunday that public housing in Singapore “has to keep up with the rising aspirations of Singaporeans.” On this point, he is absolutely right. Unfortunately, the skyrocketing prices have left an entire generation of younger Singaporeans see their aspirations go up in smoke. This […]

SDP on Cabinet reshuffle: PR exercise or genuine response to the people’s needs?

The changes to the cabinet and the introduction of the new ministries by the Prime Minister (PM) are accompanied by little useful information but much public relations puff. Statements like Singapore entering a “new phase of development”, the need to “strengthen our families”, and focusing on “building a cohesive and vibrant society” have been stock […]

Inequality in education, Part 2

First published on SDP website. By Dr Wong Wee Nam 16 July 2012 There are many aims of early education. The most important is to prepare the child for the school. For the lower income group the preparation must be adequate enough to bring him to the same starting line as the rest of the […]

Inequality in education, Part 1

First published on SDP website. By Dr Wong Wee Nam 09 July 2012 It is often said that education is a great leveller in society. Not only does it provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to participate effectively in society and in the economy, it also contributes to improving a person’s life […]

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