Not credible for minister to say I plotted against Chiam, says Chee

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WHENEVER the elections draw near, the People’s Action Party (PAP) never fails to resurrect Mr Chiam See Tong’s departure from the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and run the story that I had ousted him and usurped his post.

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Don’t Piss on the Ashes

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By Dr Wong Wee Nam
20 January 2015

I couldn’t resist the headline “Chan Chun Sing rebuffs Huffington Post for running articles by Chee Soon Juan”.

The latter had written two articles “Without Freedom There is No Free Trade” and “Free the Singapore Media and Let the People Go” talking basically about income inequality, media freedom creativity and the need for improvement in the system.

There is rarely open political debate in Singapore involving the ruling party, and certainly, a debate even between a powerful ex-Major General turned Minister and what Chan Chun Sing calls a politically-failed nobody must surely deserve some attention.

I started reading the rebuttal with great expectations because I expected a scholar and a touted future Prime Minister to demolish the “failure” with very strong and logical arguments. But I was disappointed. What I read was not a response to the issues raised by Dr Chee but a personal attack on him, raking up his past and labelling him with derisory terms.

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SDP on the CPF protest saga: Criticise if we must but let us also encourage


Singapore Democratic Party
30 September 2014

Much acrimony has emanated from the Return Our CPF protest at Hong Lim Park last Saturday. As complex and difficult as things are, let us focus on what we can all learn from the episode.

First, Mr Roy Ngerng and Ms Han Hui Hui should offer an apology to the children and parents who were present at the event and were affected by the protest.

Roy has asked to meet with the children and parents to apologise to them. This is the right thing to do.

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SDP only interested to make life better for Singaporeans

Singapore Democrats

Some have wondered if the SDP’s citing of Mr Fandi Ahmad’s and Mr Terry Pathmanathan’s cases was because they were well-known Singaporeans.

This is not so. The Singapore Democrats have, in the past, also highlighted cases of Singaporeans who were not prominent at all.

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SDP unveils six-point plan to control population

Singapore Democrats
14 February 2013

The SDP launched our alternative policy entitled Building A People: Sound Policies For A Secure Future this evening to deal with the problems of immigration and population in Singapore.

As the title suggests, the focus of the paper is on the people and how we can take care of their future and their needs.

Our policy is aimed at lowering the number of foreign workers currently in Singapore as well as tightening the entry of foreigners into the country in the near future thus creating an environment where Singaporeans can thrive and enjoy a high quality of life.

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SDP: Let there be a fair contest of ideas

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Singapore Democrats (link)

We are clear about what we are against. What is less clear is what we are for. This outlook pretty much sums up what opposition politics has been since the 1960s.

Persecuted and hammered in every conceivable manner, opposition parties have been deprived of the expertise and resources to craft an alternative vision for Singapore.

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SDP to contest in Punggol East by-election

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Singapore Democrats (link)
27 December 2012

The SDP has drawn up comprehensive policies which address the concerns and worries of our fellow Singaporeans. We look forward to putting our policies before the voters of Punggol East and give Singaporeans a chance to vote for an alternative to the PAP. These policies are:

1. To introduce the Singaporeans First policy where Singaporeans are given priority in employment and to stop the 6.5 million population target (see Singaporeans Come First, the full policy paper will be published soon),

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Frightening details of press interference: Review of ‘My Straits Times Story’

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Singapore Democrats (link)
Paul Ananth Tambyah

OB Markers: My Straits Times Story by Cheong Yip Seng, former Editor-in-Chief of the Singapore Press Holdings.

This is an extraordinary book. Right from the very first chapter, to the last, it is full of detailed revelations about the mainstream media in Singapore. It is an incredible resource for those trying to understand the control of the media and Singapore’s brand of self-censorship. Indirectly, this book is invaluable in helping to explain the dominance of one political party through its “symbiotic” relationship to all the mainstream print media in our country.

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Vincent Wijeysingha: High prices, low wages will lead to crisis

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Singapore Democrats (link)

Dr Vincent Wijeysingha recently spoke at the Online/Offline forum held last weekend where he talked about the current economic arrangements in Singapore and its implications for our future. Below is the text of his speech.


The issue we are addressing today – and the incident that gave rise to it – is a serious one and has wide ramifications for societal stability.

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SDP: By-election is must for PM’s moral authority

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Singapore Democratic Party Press Release
13 December 2012

The Prime Minister cannot avoid calling for a by-election in Punggol East SMC without inflicting severe damage to his and his party’s political and moral standing.

Mr Michael Palmer resigned not just as a Member of Parliament but also as Speaker. His stepping down has left a gaping hole in the legislature that cannot be ignored or papered over. More importantly, voters of Punggol East have been badly let down and they deserve the opportunity to elect another representative.

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