Financial Markets: Gold and Silver — At critical support

Gold and silver are at critical multi-month support. Gold is near the critical support band of 1540-1560 per ounce, whilst silver is near the critical support band of 27-28 per ounce. If this important multi-month supports for gold and silver are broken, and price trades below it for more than a couple of weeks, I will expect more downside, more

Budget 2013 does not contain any radical measures — fundamental approach to economic management is unchanged

Merely raising foreign worker levies and cutting Dependency Ratio Ceilings alone will not help stem the tide of foreign influx. The government must also take proactive measures to make hiring Singaporean workers more attractive to employers, and restructure the economy so that businesses focus more on innovation and moving up the value chain, and become less reliant on manpower and brute-force, low value-added business models.

An unfettered supply of cheap labour hurts enterprise in the long run

The Singapore Business Federation (SBF) immediately attacked WP’s proposals, saying that they were detrimental to businesses, and that it is too risky to bet that improvements in the Labour Force Participation Rate will offset the need for more foreign workers in some domestically oriented sectors such as construction where demand is growing.

The Population White Paper Attacks Us in our Deepest Identity

Speech by Dr Vincent Wijeysingha on 16 Feb 2013 Two days ago, the Singapore Democratic Party launched its population policy paper. We made six recommendations that we hope are comprehensive and coherent, defended by international research. Our objective is not to target a particular population figure but to create the conditions, both economic and social, which will achieve a reduction

Martyn See’s observations about the Hong Lim rally

Today, social media like Facebook or blogs are used to discuss all issues that affect Singaporeans, spanning the entire spectrum from political affairs, to bread-and-butter topics, to niche subjects like LGBT rights. Many people make internet posts using their real identifies and are prepared to stand by what they write.

5,000 turn up at Hong Lim to reject population white paper

This rally marks an important turning point in the peoples’ engagement with the government. It shows that people are willing to turn up in force and make a peaceful public stand for causes that matter to them, and they did it in a way that sent the message out loud and clear.

Vincent Wijeysingha’s stand is the most balanced

Vincent Wijeysingha (Posted on Facebook) Today at 4pm, I will be attending an event at Hong Lim Green arranged by which, as I understand it, aims to register citizens’ concerns about the White Paper on population. The organisers asked me to speak at the event which I agreed to. It was brought to my attention that the organisers posted

Why political parties like the WP distance themselves from Hong Lim protests

Although Mr Goh’s rally has elicited much support online, an article published by him yesterday had some netizens put off. In this latest salvo at the population white paper, Mr Goh had lashed out at foreigners, detailing what he thought were negative traits possessed by workers of different nationalities such as China, Indian, Burmese, Filipino and Malaysian workers.

SDP unveils six-point plan to control population

Singapore Democrats 14 February 2013 The SDP launched our alternative policy entitled Building A People: Sound Policies For A Secure Future this evening to deal with the problems of immigration and population in Singapore. As the title suggests, the focus of the paper is on the people and how we can take care of their future and their needs. Our