Author: Ng E-Jay

I am a civil rights activist and a social-political blogger. My goal is to work towards greater fundamental rights and civil liberties for all Singaporeans, and promote the cause of Opposition politics in Singapore. My vision is the return of power to the people.

A crisis of leadership at the PAP

When so many of PAP’s policies have gone wrong, and the PAP still refuses to change course, then men and women of high caliber start to shun the party and refuse to be recruited into its ranks, no matter how high ministerial or public service salaries are. Good men and women do not want to be associated with a political entity that is increasingly being seen as a creator rather than a solver of problems, a party that is seen as making lives harder for Singaporeans.

Our creativity is stifled

Our creativity is stifled and our natural inborn talents not given free reign. We have hindered our own ability to think and be creative because we have boxed ourselves in a narrow vision of reality, and focussed on merely making a living rather than making a life worth living.

Xenophobia and the national identity

The whole point about bringing in foreigners is to improve Singapore and build a better future, one that is sustainable both economically and socially. This nation belongs to Singaporeans. It is perfectly reasonable that Singaporeans should be put first in both education as well as jobs. If Singaporeans do not come first, then who does this nation belong to?

Say No to the Concrete Jungle

Ideally, there should be park space of 16 square miles for every 1 million people. With 5 million people, 30% of Singapore should be green open space. With 6.5 million people, we need half of Singapore to provide that. It therefore bewilders me that the government should think that 10% of Singapore should be enough for our recreational and psychological spatial needs.

Govt needs to tackle the issue of housing affordability aggressively

To make homes affordable in the long run, the government should eventually move to a system where new flats are priced based on the cost of construction rather than on the income level. This would ensure that housing remains affordable for even the lower income groups. The system of making a fat profit from public housing must be done away with once and for all. The government should not treat public housing as a cash cow from which citizens are to be milked.

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